Copywriting Services

There is no faster way to transform your business into a money-making machine than with copywriting.

Imagine reading the mind of your ideal customer.

They has a problem and it won’t go away. Picture listening to the chatter in their head. You have exactly what they need,  they simply needs clarity. They are yearning for a compelling idea. They want guidance,  a specific, clear solution.

It’s our job to provide that message.

Copywriting provides focus and fuel to an existing desire or frustration. We can’t create their desire. It must already be there. Copywriting steps in and gives them wants and needs a target. That target is your product or service.

Your content marketing goals are achieved powerfully and consistently when your messages say what a prospect wants to hear.

Copywriting is the script for your customers dreams.

The Goal of Copywriting for Your Business

You want cash flow. You want a steady flow of leads. You want existing customers to buy again. This is the role of copywriting.

The best copywriting takes the focus off your product, and shines it on your customer. Your customer doesn’t want a product, they want an outcome.

A CPA doesn’t sell tax preparation; they sell fast refunds or peace of mind. A restaurant doesn’t sell a family of 5 food, they sell a special night out.

Copywriting helps you speak to the desired end result. We make it clear, how you make a customers life better. How you take them from where they are, to where they want to be.

Copywriting transforms your product into an answer. The answer they already want and desire. It’s no longer coffee, it’s an experience. The outcome could be a flatter stomach, a new kitchen window or taxes done with a quick rebate.

Talk to them about the money in their pocket, and how that makes them feel. Then show them how to get that experience through your product.

How a Copywriter Makes you More Money

A copywriter does research for two key pieces of information:

  1. What does your customer want?
  2. Why does your customer want it?

What and why. What is the outcome and why do they want it. Why are they motivated for this result?

The following is a small sample of copywriting. It hits a want and a feeling. It speaks to the reason why.

“If you’re a tired mother of 3 with no time, you can still turn heads with our 20 minute Wonder-Woman Workout.”

What: get in shape. Why: to feel sexy. Sounds better than” join the new gym.”

Copywriting helps your customer imagine the result, and increases their desire for it. Then it provides logical reasons and proof to justify the purchase.

The Copywriting Process

Together we work on 3 areas to make your messages kick-ass and get action:

We dissect your product or service from top to bottom and make a big list of facts/features, advantages and benefits. During this process we uncover what makes it different (or at the very least, what we can claim what makes it different). **We target different, not better. Better is too subjective.

Next we focus on your prospect and existing customers. What common wants do they have and why are they motivated to get the result. We attack from every angle in search of a message that resonates. A message that makes them feel you have what they need.

Last we identify the key messages already in your market. What promises are the  competition making, and how do we say something different in a way that matters?

Most entrepreneurs only focus on what they have. This leads to making the lowest price offer. This is the quickest path to closing your business.

You want to avoid the marketing message, “Hey! We lowered our prices today!”

Fighting on the lowest price sucks. It’s exhausting. Let’s work hard to create great messages so selling isn’t needed. You simply make offers that make sense to educated customers.

Where does Your Business Need Copywriting Services?

  1. Do you send business emails? Copywriting is in the subject line, the opening line, the core message and the call to action…
  2. Do you have a website? Copywriting converts visitors into prospects and prospects into customers. Sales pages and landing pages are the revenue drivers. Copywritng is the key.
  3. Do you host webinars, tele seminars or live events? A good copywriter can help construct a desire stimulating opening and a logical, proof based close so buying your solution is the correct and only choice.
  4. Do you have automated email follow up? Fancy automation is worthless without the right message.
  5. Do you place ads? A copywriter can help you get attention and then keep attention so you get a click or a phone call.

The need for copywriting services is endless.

Copywriting is the ultimate form of marketing. It gets attention, promises a reward, shows proof and gets action.

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