Small Business Marketing Strategy

small business entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur with an Organized Marketing Strategy Owns the Keys to the  Kingdom.

Marketing strategy is a framework and process for helping people understand how to do business with you.

Contrary to the fantasy most small business owners have; everyone is not ready to buy the first time they learn you exist. As a matter of fact, studies have show that only 3% of first time visitors are ready to make a purchase.

A well structured marketing strategy helps educate prospects along the buyers journey. Nobody likes to be sold, but you happily buy, when you feel you made a good decision.  This is effective marketing at it’s finest. Your marketing strategy helped the prospect (or existing customer) make the decision that your product is the logical choice to help them solve a problem or satisfy a desire.

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small business entrepreneur


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About the Author

Pete has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years in multiple industries. Thirteen of which, he traveled the world mentoring stock traders. Pete is an author, educator, Mets fan and a born and raised NY-er, now living amongst the palm trees of South Florida.

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