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Who We Are + What We Do

Pete Renzulli; Strategic Business Coach

Pete Renzulli



My Journey

I have been an entrepreneur since 1988 in multiple industries.

From 2000-2013, I traveled the world as a stock trading mentor, author, business builder and educator. My core business at this time was online training programs followed up by live events. We were very good at helping people learn. The secret was simple, when you really care, you really help.

Teamwork is everything. In my opinion it’s also a lot more satisfying when you can share the success.  As the President, CEO or CMO of three consecutive seven figure businesses, the real world results give me the confidence to offer you my help. I have taken ideas and persistence and turned passion into millions of dollars.

When you get knocked down I will be there to pick you up. When an idea turns into money, I will probably be more excited than you for your success.  How you spend your nights and weekends will dictate how you spend your future. You must bring the hard work, this is the first step, invest in yourself.

Prior to founding Small Business Formulas, I was the Chief Marketing Officer of T3 My work on the business model, corporate strategy, product development and marketing produced a revenue increase of 190% in the first 19 months.

My expertise lies in business growth and marketing, specifically helping you with my three step process:

1. Make a deliberate choice that defines how to compete. Choose your business strategy.

2. Reduce the chaos: Organize your business model so it can deliver on your strategy.

3. Improve sales by defining what makes your business unique. Craft a content marketing strategy that establishes you in search engines and social media to be the best choice.

Our goal is to turn those strategies into daily activities which lead to your competitive advantage.

As both an entrepreneur and professional stock trader, I made my share of mistakes. Through this company my hope is for you to profit from my experience, both the triumphs and the challenges.

Robin Popelsky; Chief Creative



My Journey

I’ve spent my life on a creative journey.

I studied liberal and graphic arts in college before heading to NYC to pursue my artistic dreams.
This meant I’ve been a bartender, server, accountant, a set designer, a prop stylist, a wardrobe stylist, restaurant manager, restaurant owner, event producer and copywriter. Each one of these jobs fed parts of the things I love and/or am just really good at.

For over 15 years, I was able to channel my creative talents into building multi-million dollar event departments. I produced renowned top-level events in NYC for The Bowery Hotel, The Standard Hotel, The Park Restaurant, and The Marble House Project in Vermont.

A few years ago, I opened, owned and operated my dream restaurant. As a business owner, I learned what works and what doesn’t to a deeper extent than I ever could have by being an events department head. I invested in myself as an entrepreneur and developed the skills to grow a business from scratch.

This I know, what works is a strong game plan, a strong marketing plan and a willingness to weave through what isn’t working. What works is creating a brand, through a voice and through visuals that are distinctly yours. What works is patience and persistence to see the plan through so you can build your business. What works is not trying to be the Chef, Maitre d, Bartender, Server and Manager – you need people.

What works is realizing that no one is an instant success. Your plan has to include a year over year trajectory, it takes time to build your business. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliche that every overnight success story is 20 years in the making. Let our experience make the process easier so you don’t have to wait as long!

Your Journey 

One innocent day you were bit by the entrepreneur bug. Your ordinary world was interrupted by an idea. A call to adventure was running through your veins that began to dominate your every waking moment. Once it takes over you don’t want the cure, you want to become a business owner.

You delve into books, magazines, attend webinars and go to free seminars. You even start to read your junk mail! There may be valid resistance such as your perceived job security, but one day the right business opportunity comes along and you take the plunge.

Pretty quickly you find out there is a difference between believing in yourself, and building a business that earns money. There is a gap you need filled.

We are on the same journey. We are simply a little further down the road.

You will encounter challenges, if you are like us, they will be nothing more than feedback to improve. Adversity is nothing more than a signal to try a different way.

Business Opportunities and the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur it’s safe to say you’re OK with putting in the hard work. Lazy people don’t make that decision.

The question then is; are you doing the right work? Is your entire business focused on your competitive advantage or are you overwhelmed?

Entrepreneurial work becomes easier when you’re prepared. Each day flows, you know what you’re doing before the day, week and month begins. Your decisions are focused, based on your chosen competitive strategy.

Our goal together is to achieve clarity, to organize your business so it becomes a lead generating- revenue producing machine. This is when you become a true entrepreneur.