Business Ideas: Why is my revenue inconsistent?

More often than not this is the result of two processes that need to be set in place. The first is a system for generating new leads every month. The second is having in place a structure to sell your existing customers something new.


First lets talk about lead generation. Assuming you have done the “hard work” and are clear who your ideal prospect is next is to have a steady stream of conversations where they hang out. Depending on the profile of the prospect you should already know this.


Essentially where do they consume information? Forums, blogs, youtube, social media? You get the idea. Consistent revenue can only be achieved with a steady flow of new people to help. Yes I said help, not people to sell. The more you let new leads understand how you can help, the more they will be willing to listen. Selling then becomes easier.


This step is crucial to business covering your break-even number each month, once they are what I call “qualified customers” then the wealth of your business will come from selling existing qualified customers something else.


It is FAR EASIER to earn increase revenues by offering this segment something else than trying to make a new sale. This means you need to deliver the goods on the first sale. You will be surprised how happy people will be to hear from you again if they are satisfied.


This means that you actually have something else to sell 🙂 .


We will discuss this in more detail in a future post.

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